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Here's some pictures of RockStar Jewels Fans! Click image to open larger image.

The photo that started the Tube Craze! The Tube Necklace Debuts at NAMM 2002
In a French Magazine photo by David Korn
Patrick Moraz of YES/Moody Blues gets one of the first Tube Necklaces at NAMM 2004
Synthesizer Guru Bob Moog Signs a Tube! Athena eZ, Modulus, and RockStar Jewels!
LR_Shedwood & Bendrix of Body Count
O.T., Vincent Price, LR_Shedwood, Bendrix
The RockStars From Body Count!
Bendrix of Body Count with Athena eZ
Athena eZ with LR_Shedwood
Jimmy James and LR_Shedwood
LR_Shedwood with Basil a tube gear maker!

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